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You want change.

You feel frustrated, stuck and find yourself repeating old behaviors that don't really align with who you are now. Whether it’s addressing family of origin issues, learning how to manage your inner critic, being less self-sacrificing and more authentic, or navigating cultural challenges, therapy can help.

I offer online therapy for women throughout California and abroad. In our work together, we will explore what you're struggling with, understand their origins, identify themes that may come up in different areas of your life and collaborate on ways to get you closer to where you want to be. We will talk about ways to navigate your relationships and manage life stressors so that you walk away feeling a sense of empowerment, ease, satisfaction and joy. 


  • Identifying and unlearning toxic messages you may have received from family, partners, and/or the greater culture(s)

  • Setting boundaries

  • Celebrating yourself and your accomplishments

  • Identifying and understanding patterns that emerge in various relationships

  • Recognizing old stories, beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve you

  • Understanding your feelings and developing self-compassion

  • Processing trauma and grief

  • LGBTQ+ affirmations

  • Understanding how your upbringing influences who you are

  • Discovering healthier ways to cope with stress, anxiety, anger, conflict, etc.

  • Using mindfulness as a vehicle for self-awareness and change

  • Exploring ways to implement self-care and find balance in a way that feels right for you


I am engaged and curious, gentle but firm and respectful. At times, I am talkative and other times I am more of a listener. I have been described as passionate and caring, open and warm. I value real talk, which can often include dropping the f-bomb. I will follow your lead. We can talk about anything you want to bring in.

I ask questions, provide insights and reflections, and sometimes I simply witness. I help you explore your frustrations and challenges, while also helping you understand how past experiences have shaped who you are. We will celebrate your accomplishments and process your disappointments. We will use the logic of the mind as well as the wisdom of the body.



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(415) 741-0660

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